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Tax time can make a stressful dent in the beginning of the year for any of us, but it shouldn't, and doesn't have to be that way. Tax Software products these days are far more user friendly then they have ever been.

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TurboTax is the #1 Best-Selling (brand of tax software). There are quite a few brands to choose from on the market but, you need to keep in mind the fact that most of these products are produced by smaller developers that cater to simple basic 1040, 1040ez returns. When your looking for a stress free experience you have to stick with products that continue to lead the pack in consumer satisfaction, like TurboTax and H&R Block.

Income Tax Software

Federal and State Tax Software can be purchased together or separately depending on your tax filing needs, a nice option especially if you don't need to file a state return. The brands represented above are leaders in the industry for good reason, they continue to be leaders year in and year out for product development. Plus, their decades of experience are knowledge bases that other smaller brands will never catch up to. The use of tax software helps many tax payers tax advantage of tax breaks that our political system bakes in, in most cases for special interest.

Online Tax Software

More popular than ever is online tax preparation, a internet based way to prepare your returns online. The advantage with this format is the ability to work on your return from any computer anywhere you have a internet connection.

Another bonus is the fact that you won't loose your work due to a computer glitch. Your work is continually saved so if your computer goes down, all your data is still safely stored online. We all know how frustrating it is to loose work due to computer failure - don't we...

Free Tax Software

For the simple life filers, those with basic 1040ez returns, the top two brands both offer a free edition to prepare your return. On top of that they include free efiling along with the free editions so you can complete your simple tax filing with no cost to you, well, except for any taxes you may owe... Limitations include no support for homeowners, investors, and special tax form needs. Plus these editions lack import capabilities, so all your data has to be entered by hand every year. learn more >

The top two brands include far more features than any of the competition for insuring the biggest refund possible, including:

  • Specialized credit and deduction support to ensure you get all the write-offs you can possibly qualify for.
  • Step by step guided tax preparation that includes interview processes designed to eliminate areas of tax prep that don't pertain to your filing needs.
  • A biggest refund guarantee that insures your return gets the best result possible for you financially. i.e., the most money in your pocket, not Uncle Sam's...

It's hard to pick a tax software winner between these two top contenders because I have switched back and forth several times between the two and read many reviews of others that have done the same. The results are always similar,,, there's no clear winner, advantages and disadvantages between editions are similar throughout but the basic result is that both of these brands offer a great, well designed and guided experience to your tax filing needs.

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